Tailored recommendations.

Have you ever finished a book and asked yourself, "Now, what do I read?"

This website aims to help you answer that question and find a new book to read by suggesting great novels with similar traits.

These book picks are based on genres to achieve the best book suggestions. Enter a book to get quality recommendations for other highly rated books that share similar mixtures of genres. The book suggestions are filtered to exclude any sequels (why read the 2nd without reading the 1st?), and also no more than one book by the same author.

Books by genre.

Check out the best books to get the latest information on the best books for any genre or any combination of genres over any time period. Find books that are new or books that are old! It's like browsing the aisle at your favorite bookstore.

Support the real Amazon.

Every book suggestion has a button that says "Get it" which is embedded with an Amazon.com affiliate link. This means that if you click that link and buy something, Amazon.com will send that money to me. Instead of pocketing that money, I donate all the profits to the Amazon Convservation Association, a nonprofit that aims to protect the western Amazon.

No frills.

This site is made to be as simple as possible. There are no cookies, no tracking, and no sign-in. Just type in a book and get recommendations in less than one second.

Frequently Asked Qs.

"Why did you make this?"

I was looking for a way to find great books similar to Weaveworld and Imaginary Magnitude and was disappointed with all the resources I found so I built this site and its helped me find some of the best books I've ever read.

"Whats with the cats?"

Well, cats love books.

"What's your favorite book?"

My favorite book is The Neverending Story by Michael Ende.

"The font is annoying. Why did you do that?"

Even though there is an AI behind this website, recommendations should feel like they are hand-picked and hand-written.


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If you'd like to get in contact, email to support@nowwhatdoiread.com.