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The Flight of the Horse by Larry Niven


The Time Dweller

Michael Moorcock - 1969
    On its bleak inhospitable surface thelast lonely remnants of mankind resigned themselves to extinction. Time, it seemed, had run out for humanity. Yet Time itself held the key to survival. If man was to be supplanted from his native planet, perhaps only infinity would afford him a refuge. Only the age-long clichés with which his mind was fettered barred him from a whole new dimension--and a future of unimaginable splendor.Stories in the book:The Time Dweller (1964)Escape from Evening (1965)The Deep Fix (1964)The Golden Barge (1965)Wolf (1966)Consuming Passion (1966)The Ruins (1966)The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius (1965)The Mountain (1965)

What Entropy Means to Me

George Alec Effinger - 1972
    Initially defending himself with a torch, the Doctor searched frantically for a new method of defense. The crimson mass is lunging forward using long, tentacle-like attachments: what is that thing? Slowly the subhuman blob comes in to focus, and Dore realizes . . . it's a colossal radish! This is a monster never before wrestled with; what are they going to do? After reading this vegetative tale, you won't look at your garden the same way again..

The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party

Robert Silverberg - 1984
    The author's previous books include "Dying Inside" and "The Time Hoppers".xi • Introduction (The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party) • (1984) • essay by Robert Silverberg 1 • The Far Side of the Bell-Shaped Curve • (1982) • novelette by Robert Silverberg 24 • The Pope of the Chimps • (1982) • short story by Robert Silverberg 48 • The Changeling • (1982) • short story by Robert Silverberg 72 • The Man Who Floated in Time • (1982) • short story by Robert Silverberg 84 • The Palace at Midnight • (1981) • short story by Robert Silverberg 102 • A Thousand Paces Along the Via Dolorosa • (1981) • novelette by Robert Silverberg 130 • At the Conglomeroid Cocktail Party • (1982) • short story by Robert Silverberg 141 • Our Lady of the Sauropods • (1980) • short story by Robert Silverberg 160 • Gianni • (1982) • short story by Robert Silverberg 182 • The Trouble with Sempoanga • (1982) • short story by Robert Silverberg 194 • How They Pass the Time in Pelpel • (1981) • short story by Robert Silverberg 212 • Waiting for the Earthquake • (1981) • novelette by Robert Silverberg 240 • Not Our Brother • (1982) • novelette by Robert Silverberg 264 • The Regulars • (1981) • short story by Robert Silverberg 276 • Jennifer's Lover • (1982) • short story by Robert Silverberg 297 • Needle in a Timestack • (1983) • short story by Robert Silverberg

The Collected Short Fiction of C.J. Cherryh

C.J. Cherryh - 2004
    Cherryh's short fiction in trade paperback Featuring the short stories, novellas, and novelettes-including the award-winning story, Cassandra, and a new novella written specifically for this book-of the multiple award-winning author, this volume is a must-have for fans and newcomers alike.

When the Yogurt Took Over

John Scalzi - 2010
    Inspired by a random throwaway comment in his Whatever blog, which apparently just stuck in his mind until he wrote about it.

Counting Up, Counting Down

Harry Turtledove - 2002
    In narratives ranging from fantastic to oddly familiar to eerily prescient, this compelling volume illustrates Turtledove’s literary skill and unbridled imagination.FORTY, COUNTING DOWN: With the help of his time travel software, computer genius Justin Kloster returns to the past to stop himself from making a terrible mistake–but all actions have their consequences. THE MALTESE ELEPHANT: A legendary detective finds himself in grave danger when a noir masterpiece takes a stunning new twist. GODDESS FOR A DAY: Taking a page from history, a young girl dares to challenge the gods–and is richly rewarded for her efforts. DECONSTRUCTION GANG: Mired in unemployment and despair, an academic finds happiness and intellectual fulfillment in a most unexpected place. TWENTY-ONE, COUNTING UP: Justin Kloster’s college life and romantic dreams are rudely interrupted–and irreversibly disrupted–when forty-year-old Justin arrives from the future to save him from himself. Plus twelve more thrilling, unforgettable tales of wonder! From the Trade Paperback edition.

By Any Other Name

Spider Robinson - 2001
    Herein we've got a partially-disembodied Brooklynite looking for his, er, bottom half, a past-tense-ignoring player of a certain New York crap game from 1930 running loose in the present, a compendium of the silliest weapons history never had, and plenty more. The warped and the way-out combine in a book that by any name would be ... really cool.Contents:Melancholy Elephants (1982)Half an Oaf (1976)Antinomy (1978)Satan's Children (1979)Apogee (1978)No Renewal (1977)Tin Ear (1977)In the Olden Days (1984)Silly Weapons throughout History (1980) essayNobody Likes to Be Lonely (1975)True Minds (1984)Common Sense (1985)Chronic Offender (1981)High Infidelity (1984)Rubber Soul (1982)The Crazy Years (1996) essayBy Any Other Name (1976)


Pat Cadigan - 1987
    The psychosis itself was quite conventional, but it didn't go away when she took the madcap off, so the Brain Police took over leaving her with a choice - go to jail as a mind criminal or become a mindplayer.

Buy Jupiter and Other Stories

Isaac Asimov - 1975
    24 stories, by the Master...

The Great Time Machine Hoax

Keith Laumer - 1964
    Chester IV inherits a run-down mansion and millions in back taxes. In order to pay the taxes, he initially decides to auction off the mansion and its contents, but then he discovers a massive computer (the Generalized Nonlinear Extrapolator, or "Genie") that can bring any situation or time to life.

Hard Sell

Piers Anthony - 1982
    Fisk Centers has it made: a personal fortune of three million dollars enables him, at the tender ages of 50, to take an early retirement and enjoy all the comforts 21st-century Earth has to offer. Then he gets a call from Mars Ltd. offering him a real-estate deal that sounds too good to be true. It is. Now penniless and unemployed, Centers will do anything to make a buck. . . . Previous publisher: Tafford.

We See a Different Frontier: A Postcolonial Speculative Fiction Anthology

Fábio Fernandes - 2013
    Sixteen authors share their experiences of being the silent voices in history and on the wrong side of the final frontier; their fantasies of a reality in which straight, cis, able-bodied, rich, anglophone, white males don’t get to tell us how they won every war; their revenge against the alien oppressor settling their “new world”.

Men, Martians and Machines

Eric Frank Russell - 1984
    This set of linked stories describes a part of the epic voyage of the Marathon, powered by the Flettner Drive, seeking new worlds for humanity to spread onto. One planet is inhabited by only machines, survivors perhaps of a civilization in which the machine-makers had perished. Another contains a race of master hypnotists, who make the crew see only what they wish to see! Included is the classic, oft-anthologized novella Jay Score."One of my own all-time favorites, is Men, Martians and Machines... I re-read this one at least once a year, with as much delight and amusement as I got from it the first time."- Bud Webster"A rousing inventive space adventure; and the first story remains a technical marvel. I know of few surprise-ending stories in any category that are so rereadable and so absolutely fair - and what other trick short ever had enough un-tricky meat to it to serve as the foundation for a series?" - Anthony Boucher in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction"A substantial space opera." - Galaxy"Good fun to read, an old and popular formula, happily applied." - P. Schuyler Miller in Astounding

Crystal Express

Bruce Sterling - 1990
    But they also show concern for the future of real people.CONTENTS:Swarm (1982)Spider Rose (1982)Cicada Queen (1983)Sunken Gardens (1984)Twenty Evocations (1984)Green Days in Brunei (1985)Spook (1983)The Beautiful and the Sublime (1986)Telliamed (1984)The Little Magic Shop (1987)Flowers of Edo (1987)Dinner in Audoghast (1985)

Tales of Pirx the Pilot

Stanisław Lem - 1961
    By investing Pirx with a range of human foibles, Lem offers a wonderful vision of the audacity, childlike curiosity, and intuition that can give humans the courage to confront outer space. Translated by Louis Iribarne. A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book